The Wish and Object of Rikka no Kai


  1. We provide business owners from all over Japan with the opportunity to gather at the Great Sacred Hall in Tokyo and, by putting the spirit of Buddhism in management, to create a network that can contribute to the development of their own businesses and provide society with new values.
  2. In particular, we want to give business owners the opportunity to study the Dharma talks of Founder Niwano directed to members who run business, as well as wisdom on management attained by precursors who practiced Mahayana Buddhism in management, and also to share their experiences of having been liberated by practicing it. It is to provide all of them with a place of meeting, interaction, and mutual enlightenment.
  3. We aim at building up and deepening bonds among the “sangha of business owners” that can contribute to happiness and peace in society and the world based on the development of their own businesses through the practice of the Six Paramitas.